Elastic bands

FIT specializes in the distribution of elastic bands and technical fabrics for orthopaedics. We have all kinds of rigid and elastic fabrics to offer the functionality and features required by each product design and any orthopaedic manufacturer.

The FIT elastic band focuses on both the application by orthopaedic manufacturers and the development of technical and fashion items and clothing in general. We offer fabric and elastic band for belts, wristbands, knee pads, belts, protective workwear, sportswear and accessories both rigid and elastic.

Our catalogue includes dozens of standard products, but we can go further and offer any finish and any measure. You can choose the exact levels of elasticity, breathability, with or without latex and in any colour. We offer compact, breathable tape and the distribution of webbings accessories. In short, customizable elastic bands according to the design of your orthopaedic product or any other article for manufacturers.


Main applications

• Elastic band for knee pads
• Elastic band for wristbands
• Elastic band for belts
• Elastic band for corsets
• Elastic backrests
• Elastic band for trusses