Duraflex is the leading brand of plastic buckles and accessories for all industries, with factories in Italy, China, Vietnam and the United States.

At Fornituras Técnicas, we have been an official Duraflex distributor since 2002.

In recent years, Duraflex has established itself as a reference product for any type of ornaments and accessories in specialized textiles, from the original plastic buckles, to metal snaps, rings, zip pulls, cord closures, labels, etc.

To the huge catalog of products, innovative potential and flexibility of Duraflex articles, from FIT we add our experience and knowledge of the sector. We are your local Duraflex distributor, with a large stock available to guarantee flexibility and fast delivery times.

At FIT we offer you technical support and advise you on the Duraflex product that best suits your needs. We also accompany you throughout the process of creating custom buckles and accessories; from adding your logo to creating a buckle from scratch.



  • Outdoor sport

Functional and modern buckles, minimalist zip pullers, buttons, carabiners and much more, all available in a wide range of colours.

  • Nautical sports

We use the highest quality POM to ensure the reliability and durability of plastic buckles that will be used underwater and in extreme temperatures. We also have special diving buckles to hold the diver's accessories, whistles, and much more.

  • Orthopaedics and health

Sliplocks, tensionlocks, hooks, rings ... Everything you need for your orthopaedic product, available in various colours and models.

  • Military and tactical

We are specialists in tactical equipment. We choose the most resistant materials to create 100% safe buckles, MOLLE and quick attach systems. Everything for the complete protection of the individual.

  • Pets

We have created buckles which are resistant, reliable and flexible at the same time. They  will accompany your pet in their movements. We have also designed curved buckles for the comfort of your best friend. To this, we add a wide range of loops, tensionlocks, sliploks, loops and hooks. In our catalogue you will also find buckles that mix plastic and metal for the most trendy ones.

  • Backpacks and accessories

We have buckles and modern plastic fittings to apply to each part of your backpack. We offer technical solutions to travellers’ problems: invisible zippers, magnetic buckles, metal hooks and much more.

  • Fashion

All accessories for garment making: belt buckles, cord ends or knots, labels, trouser buttons, zipper pulls and much more. In addition, at Duraflex we are committed to the environment, which is why we have launched a wide line of ECO and RECYCLED products.



In 2021 we manufactured 130 new moulds specifically designed to be used with recycled materials. The goal is to reduce our environmental impact, our carbon footprint and the use of virgin materials.

Together we take care of the environment.


  • 100% Recycled nylon

Recycled nylon comes from waste material, more specifically from recycling plants that receive leftover pieces of fabric from garment factories. Using this material we reduce our carbon footprint by 75% and we manufacture moving parts that are as resistant as or even stronger than non-recycled ones.

This material is sewable and available in black and raw colour. It is ideal for garments, equipment, shoes and accessories. It is certified Blue Sign and Global Recycled Standard.

  • Nature content

The range, also known under the name Grainy, amazes us with its composition: 50% waste from the food chain from peels and stems and 50% from virgin plastic. These products boast from a carbon footprint reduction of 50% compared to standard production.

This material is more delicate, making it perfect for buttons, grommets, cable adjusters, and similar items. Products in this range are available in 5 natural colours and are Blue Sign certified.


  • Renewable

In the renewable range we use vegetable oil extracted from castor seeds and mix it with Nylon or TPU to obtain the new materials called Plant-based Nylon and Plant-based TPU. Production with these materials reduces the carbon footprint compared to standard production by 70% and 40% respectively.

In addition, we have patented our production technology that uses less water. Items can be made in any colour. Renewable items are also certified Blue Sign.



If you want to keep up to date with the latest innovations in plastic solutions, you have an appointment with us every January and June. We exclusively present the latest products developed by our engineering team that improve current options on the market and solve the needs that our teams have detected together with our customers.



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