Fornituras Técnicas FIT are suppliers for manufacturers of orthopaedic products. We specialise on the design and production of the essential materials which enable orthopaedic manufacturers to develop all kinds of orthopaedic articles.

Quality, innovation, simplicity and experience are the four axes that guide our service and our value proposition.



We are specialists. We are professional. We have been manufacturing fittings and accessories for orthopaedic producers around the world for 25 years. We have an independent production line that allows us to produce according to the needs of any manufacturer.

Quality is our main objective. The key to our value proposition and the reason that leads the most important manufacturers around the world to trust us. Quality is the essential foundation for any orthopaedic article. To prove it, in addition to the trust of our customers, we have a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001: 2015, with state-of-the-art machinery and highly qualified staff.

Quality policy
ISO certificate


Our market is global and complex. There are no restrictions for manufacturers or suppliers. It is innovation that makes us competitive, to keep growing. We do not stop innovating. We do not stop thinking about how to offer the best product for each orthopaedic item.

FIT inherited processes of manual elaboration, almost artisanal and industrializes them. Technology allows us to multiply our production capacity. We have our own team of engineers and an autonomous production line that allows us to meet any requirement, regarding both the characteristics of the product to be elaborated (format, measurements, composition) and the volume of production.

Currently we already use the technologies that will mark the future of manufacturing technical fittings for the orthopaedic sector, with the incorporation of 3D printing processes and additive manufacturing in the development of moulds and prototypes, to streamline and make customised projects more flexible.


The third commandment of FIT is simplicity. We want to make life easier for the orthopaedics manufacturer. Our range of aluminum splints, hinges, stay bones, elastic fabrics and accessories is almost endless. And where the range does not arrive, our engineers do arrive and find the customised solution for any need. What for? In order to simplify the purchasing processes of orthopaedic manufacturers.


Three generations ago, our family already used to produce quality trimmings and accessories for corsetry and fashion. The elaboration process was manual and artisan, but its commitment with the excellence was the same that is now leading us. At the end of the 90s, FIT takes a leap into the future thanks to four strategic bets:

•  Specialisation in order to become the leading supplier of the orthopaedic manufacturer.
•  New facilities that allow us to increase our production capacity.
•  The greater industrialisation of our productive process, incorporating new technologies.
•  A firm commitment to internationalisation, in order to become suppliers of the best brands and orthopaedic manufacturers from any corner of the world.