Metal trimmings and accessories for orthopaedics

At FIT we have an extensive range of accessories and metal trimmings for all branches of the specialized textile sector. We remind you that besides the catalogue we can design and customize any type of accessory or complement. Contact us and we will help you.

Within our range of metal trimmings and accessories for orthopaedics, fashion and corsetry, articles such as:


Metal buckles

Special for bow ties.


Rings, rectangles, metal pickets

The rings can be round or oval. Welded or unwelded, in different diameters.


Rectangle with plastic terminal

In different measures and finishes.


Accessories for collars

Customizable to fit the design of your product.

Throttles and accessories for lingerie

All kinds of throttles, hooks, etc. Destined to the textile sector and, especially, to corsetry. Different steps, colours and finishes according to the client's request.