Orthopaedic Stay Bones

The stay bones are basic elements for the good performance of certain products.

We offer you a wide range of FIT stay bones, for orthopedics and for any other branch of the textile sector, manufactured with different materials and in different lengths, widths and thicknesses.


Steel bones

The steel bones are covered with a special layer protecting them against corrosion. FIT steel bones have rounded edges to prevent damage or perforation of the orthopaedic product.

Stainless steel bones

At FIT we also offer high-quality stainless-steel bones. The ends are fully protected against corrosion. All steel and stainless-steel bones can be customized in any measure and thickness. We also offer them flat or shaped to fit the needs of any orthopaedic manufacturer or textile manufacturer.

Spiral bones

FIT are also suppliers of galvanized steel wire spiral bones. The bones are flexible, facilitating movement in all directions and adapt without exerting pressure. The spiral bones are complemented by different metal or plastic finish.

Plastic bones

FIT plastic bones are light and versatile, with multiple applications in all branches of textile production. They are 100% plastic bones of the highest quality, which guarantees that they keep their original shape and avoid twisting. At FIT we can offer you plastic bones of any length. Beyond orthopaedics, the bones are widely used in lace garments, bridal fashion, corsets and clothing in general.