Orthopaedic Aluminum Splints

The fixing and immobilizing capacity of orthopaedic articles depends on the quality of their splints. FIT orthopaedic splints are a reliable base for any orthopaedic product that requires maintaining the position, holding or immobilizing any part of the body.

FIT offers you a wide range of aluminum splints for any orthopaedic garment requiring stability, reinforcement or immobilization. We manufacture splints for knee braces, wrist straps, corsets, knee immobilizers, etc.

In addition to the standard products, we can manufacture splints in any size, shape and coating that needs a specific design of the product. In short: if your orthopaedic product needs a splint, we can help you.



• Splints for knee braces
• Splints for wristbands
• Splints for knee immobilizers
• Splints for corsets