Ventajas único proveedor

Advantages of relying on one only supplier like FIT

At Fornituras Técnicas FIT we offer all the necessary items to manufacture your orthopedic product. From hinges, splints and bones that go in the interior of your product, to the fabric as well as the accessories that will render your item unforgettable, for example a modern Duraflex buckle.
Let’s see below some of the advantages of choosing a supplier such as FIT for all the items you are going to need when manufacturing your orthopedic product.


  • Quality is granted yes

At FIT we use the most thorough quality control system in order to always offer the best for your product and your company. All our elastic and non-elastic fabrics boast the OEKOTEX certificate. Moreover, we comply with all the European standards, as is proven by our certificate ISO 9001.

  • You will have a close relationship with us yes

One of our objectives at FIT is to offer a strong and close manufacturer-supplier relationship, which allows us to know your needs very well and to anticipate them. We will be able to keep the items you use in stock so that they are ready for you anytime. Likewise, if there were any issues, the resolution and settlement of them will be very fast.

  • Your admin costs will go down yes

No one likes bureaucracy, and counting on one supplier you will reduce the amount of paperwork needed in your day to day. Besides, you will reduce the time devoted to contacting suppliers, asking for quotes and negotiating contracts.


So, now you know, if there is any range of ours you’re not familiar with yet, let us know so we can show you in detail!

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