We turn bottles into all of this... With Duraflex

enlightened TURNING BOTTLES INTO BUCKLES! enlightened

We told you we were working on it, and now it’s a reality! We are now able to recycle PET bottles and turn them into cordlocks, pullers, buttons and much more.

Do you want to know how we do it?

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A recycler collects consumed PET bottles and makes them into recycled PET pellets. Our yarn supplier purchases rPET pellets and cooperates with the cord supplier to produce rPET cords.

Then it’s our turn! We purchase rPET from recycler and the rPET cord, using our know-how we re-create design into rPET products for brands.

See below our two types of recycled polyester materials.

These items are made with 90% recycled PET and 10% of PET. It is hard touch and can be dyed to match. We can use this material to produce apparel and accessories such as pullers and cord locks.

These items are made with 30% recycled PET combined with PET. It is soft touch and can also be dyed to match. It’s indicated for manufacturing apparel and accessories such as cord ends, buttons and pullers.


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