Discover the New Green Mojave from Duraflex


New Green Mojave

Turning heads and breaking hearts

Why is that? Well…


45% stronger than the standard old Mojave

We have achieved this by adding extra locking points and applying an anti-break design.

With these two characteristics, we prevent inward and outward bending, we maintain effective locking (even under tough conditions) and have an extra secure and reliable buckle.

All these new features together with the fact that the material used is different from the old Mojave, we have created a new optimized mould.



You will notice it straight away. The new Mojave features softly-rounded inner side squeeze area and a beautiful finish.

The touch recycled nylon offers is soft and warm.



The Green Mojave is made from 100% recycled nylon. It complies with Global recycled standard and has the blue sign certificate.

What’s more, it helps us reduce our carbon footprint by up to 75% and contributes to the circular economy.



If you still haven’t had the chance to have one in your hands, simply tell us!


When choosing the new Green Mojave you’re benefitting the planet, so THANK YOU for choosing it and trusting us  smiley


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