Duraflex materials rPA grainy botanic

Duraflex is very committed to the environment and the reduction of polluting emissions. In additions to the many actions underway in their factories, they design three ranges of eco-friendly products. We will now see the main characteristics of each of them.

The products of the grainy range are made with a mixture of plant fiber and PP. This is a way to reduce waste in the food chain.
This range offers an interesting visual effect for marketing. It has an affordable price and is especially recommended for clothing.
Due to material limitations, the products in this range are non-moving parts, such as snaps, cord locks and toggles, among others.

The rPA is recycled nylon that has not been dyed or laminated. It all starts in a fabric factory: in the production of nylon fabric, nylon fabric scraps are discarded regularly. Duraflex takes them to a recycling company and there, they are converted into recycled nylon flakes.
This material is 100% recycled and has the GRS and Bluesign certificates. Its carbon emission is 75% less compared to non-recycled nylon. In addition, the materials created with rPA have a high performance and an affordable price taking into account their technical properties. These products are perfect for building a circular economy model.

The botanic line comes from a sustainable and renewable source, so it is very attractive for those most committed to the environment. Plant oil is the major biosource content of the Botanic Line.
Due to their higher price, these items are especially suitable for Premium products. The level of performance is very high. In addition, the botanic range can be manufactured in different colours.

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