A few years ago Duraflex made it clear that they wanted to play the sustainability card and play it well. We introduced three product ranges: rPA, grainy and botanic. 2021 is a great year for all lovers of sustainability and for the planet, because Duraflex is going one step further and is launching GREEN DURAFLEX. Click here to see the announcement from Gary Fraze, Duraflex General Manager.

We are starting 2021 with 130 new molds. These molds have been specially designed to be used with recycled materials. Our goal is to reduce our environmental impact by reducing our carbon footprint and the use of fossil fuel.

Let's see below the available materials:


Recycled nylon comes from waste material, more specifically from recycling plants that receive fabric scraps from garment factories. Using this material we are able to reduce our carbon footprint by 75% and we can manufacture accessories with moving parts that are as strong as non-recycled ones, if not stronger. This material is sewable and available in black and raw colour. It is ideal for garments, equipment, shoes and accessories. It is Blue Sign and Global Recycled Standard certified. You can now purchase a classic Mojave or Stealth buckle with 100% recycled nylon, amazing resistance and GRS and Blue Sign certified!


The range also known by the name of Grainy boasts in its composition a 50% of residues of the food chain coming from shells and stems. These products allow us to reduce the carbon footprint by 50% compared to standard production. It is a more delicate material, which makes it perfect for buttons, grommets, cable adjusters, and the like. The products in this range are available in 5 natural colors and are Blue Sign certified.


For the renewable category we use vegetable oil extracted from castor seeds and mix it with Nylon or TPU to obtain the new materials called “Plant-based Nylon” and “Plant-based TPU”. Production with these materials reduces the carbon footprint compared to standard production by 70% and 40% respectively. In addition, the production technology used is patented and uses less water. Items can be dyed to any color. These items are also Blue Sign certified.


Things don’t end here… Contact us for an exclusive presentation of the latest news and stay tuned because very soon we will add new recycled materials and more models to the GREEN section. laugh

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