Nueva colección SUMMER 2020 Duraflex


The new Duraflex collection for the summer 2020 season is here. This time, given the very special circumstances we are living, the presentation of the new products has been online. Today, we’re presenting an introduction to some of the new products of the season. If you wish to know more about them and to gain access to the physical display, please get in touch with us!


Premium buckle

In the premium buckle section, Duraflex is incorporating three new models. Each of them is available in various sizes and adjusts. Two of them fall in the Alula category, which means that the material used is high-quality aluminum. The Alula Simplx Zero Buckle is thin and easy to use while the Alula G.C. Mech Buckle is more robust. The two models combine aluminum with POM.
This season’s third Premium, buckle is made from a new material for Duraflex: zinc. The Zinca G.C. Prima Buckle is robus and durable, but it also features a modern style and a slim silhouette. With its anti-break arms, this buckle is specially designed for Outdoor applications.


Access friendly

The sector of extreme sports, among others, needs buckles that are easily accessible regardless of weather conditions. For this reason, Duraflex has enhanced the products it had been offering to date and is now presenting a new thin, lightweight buckle that can be easily used with gloves, the C.F. Buckle. This new buckle is anti-break and when it is fastened, it automatically expels any residue such as dirt or ice that may be inside.
The material of this buckle is POM, which ensures a very reliable performance. POM does not absorb humidity nor does it expand with heat. Without a doubt, this is the best material for such a versatile buckle. This model can be purchased in non-adjust, single adjust, double adjust, pouch and even with camlock.


Designed for ECO

Duraflex’s commitment to the environment is present in this collection too. This season has unveiled some new eco-friendly snap buttons. Some of them have eyelocks so in order to fix them one needs to rotate them 90 degrees. A great novelty is the creation of a small die that adapts to traditional machines to insert snaps and prevents the recycled material from being damaged. In addition, there is a useful manual tool available that respects the fabric and the more fragile eco-friendly material of the snap button.

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