Articulación ergonómica FIT - Ergonomic hinge


At Fornituras Técnicas, our engineers work together with our customers to design new items every day. This effort to innovate is one of our added values, which contributes to making us the leaders in the manufacturing of parts for the orthopedic sector. In addition, they also work on their own to bring new solutions to the market.

Our team of engineers designed in 2017 a new hinge with very particular characteristics. In the years before the creation of this hinge, we detected the growing interest in the orthopedics market to use a hinge that would respect the natural movement of the patella. This is how our ergonomic knee hinge was born.

The main feature of this hinge is that instead of working thanks to traditional gears, it moves thanks to a connecting rod system. This connecting rod system allows the arms of the hinge to move smoothly and to follow an ergonomic path that stimulates that of the patella.

In its standard version, this hinge can be adjusted at the following angles: 0º, 15º, 30º, 55º, 75º, 95º y 110º. To change from one to another, the small studs needs to be moved with a key. With the acquisition of this hinge, we offer the possibility of buying an extra pack with two screws and a key.

On the other hand, it has a compact and modern design, which makes it very different from the old-fashioned and heavy hinges we have all seen. The use of very small studs allows the front and back plate to look neat. In addition, this hinge is fully customisable: the arms can be manufactured in any desired length and there are different finishes available. The colour of the plate can also be changed.

All these characteristics combined make this joint one of the most modern in terms of design and performance. And, without a doubt, one of our best sellers!

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