Winter 2020 collection by Duraflex

Once again, Duraflex presented their new products for the Winter season at ISPO in Munich, which was held from 26 to 29 January. In the fair, their loyal customers as well as those interested in the brand, were able to discover first-hand what we've been working on for the past months.

On our side, the past 12 February, the commercial team at FIT travelled to Italy to meet with the Duraflex team. There, we commented on the new items with the technical department and we got to know all their characteristics in depth. We also took the chance to see the latest plastic injection machines, which are more energetically efficient.

Amongst all the new items of the season, we want to highlight the fusion of aluminum and plastic thanks to layered injection. This technique has been applied to an already existing design: the SIMPLX ZERO BUCKLE. This buckle was designed and presented last year and is already much loved due to its thinness and light weight. Moreover, it doesn’t break and is easy to use (even with gloves!) It can be used in a multiple range of applications, such as shoes, suitcases, rucksacks and belts.

Another focal point of this season has been the creation of items that are interactive, that is, that make us use all of our senses. This way, we can find products featuring different textures by using micro grip, silicon, rubber and TPU to create relief. Duraflex features several finishes: shiny, matt, with highlights and also with very unique colour combinations.

Don’t hesitate to come by our office at FIT and let us show you these and many other new products.

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